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Website Templates are often a quick and easy way to get your website online fast and with minimal expense.

The big problem is knowing what templates to buy.

Once you've decided on a template package, then you have to spend 2 hours or more sifting through all the junk and filler added - just so they can say 1000+ templates for only $39.99! SO many templates are junky looking ones that can be thrown together by an amateur in 5 minutes anyway.

I KNOW, I've gone through these packages. It's a lot of wasted time and quite often the templates advertised are not even in the package!

The other problem is that many of the fantastic looking sites are not editable. The titles and names are imbedded in the graphics and cannot be changed without destroying the whole look. Templates MUST have editable PhotoShop graphics.

Many companies also insist that you put their name on the website. We request it - but don't demand a simple link back to us at the bottom. It doesn't matter how small  :o)

I've done all the work for you and have compiled the BEST templates online. NO, I don't offer 1000 templates for $39.99 but I WILL save you HOURS of work and aggravation!

I've compiled some of the best templates below with screen shots so you know EXACTLY what you're getting. I am constantly adding more as I find them. Your price is only $27!

Many of these are MULTI-PAGE sites - saving you lots more work! You get 35 of the BEST and most professional templates in total. As I get more, I will send you the updates!

I've looked through HUNDREDS of sites and critiqued them FOR YOU!

Some have JavaScript built in to automatically put the date and time on your site.

Get YOUR set of templates NOW for only $27!

This is an instant download, so you can have your site up and running tonight! I will also mail a CD to US addresses for NO EXTRA COST if desired!

P.S. If you're interested in getting on the search engines DON'T buy those PhotoShop templates where the whole page is one big picture! Since all the text is imbedded, all the search engines will see is one picture - no text - which won't do a thing for you on the search engines.


NOTE: I will also mail a CD to US addresses for NO EXTRA COST!


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